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Life without whimsy is not much of a life at all; without it, a walk in the dark is no laughing matter.


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So here’s the deal. I don’t feel creative. I am not thinking creatively. I am just pressing keys in hopes that my muse will club me on the head as I ramble along. To my right, against the wall in her cage, is Bell our Diamond Dove. When my beloved brought her home I thought, “Great, one of the most annoying sounding birds on the planet after Finches, Cockatiels ,and Parrots.”

“Not so fast”, says Belle, “I am not a Mourning Dove, thank you very much.” Of course she didn’t ‘say’ this to me but when I heard her song I knew something was different. She has, to be frank, an amazingly pleasant song. It’s a simple little ditty consisting of bird sounds stretched out into a coo but not that maudling, whinny, complaint that never stops that I associated with all doves. Nope, not Belle. She and her breed are classy musicians and I am the better for it.

So…. on this afternoon when I am feeling anything but creative I defer to Belle to fill the void of this dark, dreary, damp, November day with her coo-l sounds.

Written by David Wilkerson

29 November 2007 at 4:36 pm

Posted in Creativity, Who knows?

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