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Why I am a Cubmaster: Reason No. 235

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Do you notice that days fly by the older you get? I remember getting out of school for the summer and I believe that June to the end of August seemed as long as September to Christmas.

Not anymore! Walking through my garden yesterday morning I was acutely aware of summer… in a good way. The air was not heavy and the sky was clear. It was perfect and the scent of sage, oregano, and thyme wafted up from the garden. That’s when I realized that in not too many weeks the first frost would be here. Not what you wanted to hear? Well try this on then, some our boys will be old enough to join the army, drive away from their high school graduation, or pack for college in as many days as it has been since they were born. Weren’t they born a few weeks ago?

They are going to make more and more decisions and the time remaining for us to help them make good ones is very short. By the time they turn 11 or 12 they will already be well on their way to independence. By the time they hit high school, whether we like it or not, they are going to be making choices and living with the consequences.
It is my deepest hope that in the time left to us our boys will internalize the twelve core values of Cub Scouts so well that it will be second nature to them to try their best and stick with the effort to achieve worthy goals, respect others, speak the truth and deal honestly even when it is hard, be compassionate even to those who do not deserve it, exercise faith and have a positive attitude rooted in the belief that good can rise above any circumstance, demonstrate good citizenship and an ability to find solutions when none is obvious, and finally, to have courage that they are adequate to prevail over any obstacle that confronts them because they have within themselves the confidence that comes from a strong heart and clean mind.

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Written by David Wilkerson

25 August 2011 at 7:19 am

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